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Reducing Agent

Reducing Agent

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The reducing agent converts ionic silver solutions into true colloidal silver solutions.

This 2 oz. supply will convert over 200 batches of ionic silver into true colloidal silver.

Further Explained:
The reducing agent generously supplies the necessary free electrons to facilitate the conversion of silver ions into silver atoms. As a result, these newly formed silver atoms gradually gather and unite, forming colloidal silver particles.

Two silver types?
Colloidal silver solutions consist of pure silver metal particles, as opposed to silver ions. It is important to note that colloidal silver and ionic silver are distinct from each other, each having unique merits depending on the intended application.

Refrigerate or freeze upon receipt!
This particular item is perishable and may expire within 6 months if not stored in a refrigerated environment which significantly extends its shelf-life. If you opt to freeze it, the shelf-life can be extended for many years.

• De-ionized Water, Organic Non-GMO Maltodextrin

Features and Specifications:
• 100% Organic
• 2 oz. Supply

Note: This is a standard item already included in every SilverLungs™ Generator kit.