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This extended warranty safeguards against any product defects in the function and operation of The SilverLungs™ Generator, including its base and power adapter. For 4 additional years, we will repair or replace either or both of these components, extending the default 1-year warranty that comes with your original purchase. Please note that this warranty does not cover purely cosmetic surface "wear and tear."

This is 5 years of total coverage from your original purchase date.

Domestic Customers (Full Coverage) For customers in the United States, SilverLungs™ will cover all shipping expenses for returning your SilverLungs™ Generator (base and/or power adapter) for repair or replacement. Additionally, SilverLungs™ will cover the return expenses for sending the repaired or replaced items back to you. In the event of a warranty claim, a prepaid shipping label will be provided by SilverLungs™.

International Customers (Partial Coverage) For customers outside of the United States, SilverLungs™ will cover all expenses for returning the repaired or replaced SilverLungs™ Generator (including the base and/or power adapter) back to you. However, please note that the initial expenses for returning the damaged items to SilverLungs™ will not be covered for international customers.