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Emergency Kit
Emergency Kit
Emergency Kit
Emergency Kit
Emergency Kit

Emergency Kit

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The SilverLungs™ Emergency Kit includes the nebulizer plus a silver solution ready to nebulize!

The nebulizer is virtually silent being based on "vibrating mesh technology" rather than traditional air-compressor technology of the past. This technology generates water droplets as small as 3 microns!

The nebulizer comes with a USB power cable as well as the option to use 2 AA batteries allowing it to be used anywhere, anytime.

Not just for the lungs! While it may seem that using a nebulizer to deliver a silver solution to the lung tissues is the only reason to breathe silver, it is often overlooked that much of the nebulized silver content is instantly absorbed directly into the bloodstream just as oxygen during normal respiration. This rapid introduction of silver into the bloodstream carries a distinct advantage over oral administration as it preserves the original ultra-small silver particle sizes (not otherwise possible when drinking a silver solution.)

Features and Specifications:
• 4 oz. 20 PPM Silver Solution
• 120v/240v World Compatible
• Face Masks for Children and Adults
• Step-by-Step Instructions

• 3 Year Parts & Labor Warranty!