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This is an exclusive limited-time offer to all SilverLungs™ Generator customers prior to 4/20/2020.

This complete coverage ensures protection against any product defects in the function and operation of The SilverLungs™ Generator, including its base and power adapter, for the entire lifespan of these items. We will repair or replace either or both components, extending the default warranty that comes with your original purchase. Please be aware that this warranty does not cover purely cosmetic surface "wear and tear."

Domestic Customers (Full Coverage) For customers in the United States, SilverLungs™ will cover all shipping expenses for returning your SilverLungs™ Generator (base and/or power adapter) for repair or replacement. Additionally, SilverLungs™ will cover the return expenses for sending the repaired or replaced items back to you. In the event of a warranty claim, a prepaid shipping label will be provided by SilverLungs™.

International Customers (Partial CoverageFor customers outside of the United States, SilverLungs™ will cover all expenses for returning the repaired or replaced SilverLungs™ Generator (including the base and/or power adapter) back to you. However, please note that the initial expenses for returning the damaged items to SilverLungs™ will not be covered for international customers.

Please note that your "ORDER ID" serves as your "WARRANTY ID" for any future warranty claims. In the event that you cannot locate your "WARRANTY ID," we can verify your coverage in our warranty database using your original purchase information, such as your name, address, phone number, confirmation email, and other relevant details.