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Reducing Agent

Reducing Agent

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The reducing agent converts ionic silver solutions into true colloidal silver solutions.

This 2 oz. supply will convert over 200 batches of ionic silver into true colloidal silver.

Further Explained:
The reducing agent provides free electrons needed to convert silver ions into silver atoms. The newly formed silver atoms begin grouping together to form silver particles (colloidal silver.)

Two silver types?
Colloidal silver solutions are comprised of particles of pure silver metal rather than silver ions. Colloidal silver and ionic silver are two completely different types, yet both have equal merit depending on the type of application.

Refrigerate upon receipt!
This perishable item will expire within 90 days if not kept refrigerated. Refrigeration extends the shelf-life beyond a full year while freezing will extend the shelf-life to several years or more.

• Deionized Water, Maltodextrin

Features and Specifications:
• 100% Organic
• 2 oz. Supply

Note: This is a standard item already included in every SilverLungs™ Generator kit.